What to expect from this E-Learning Course (10 min)

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This is the second in a series of courses designed around acquiring the STS, Activating and setting it up, and Maintaining it for generations.

This course presumes that you have already purchased the Specialized Trust Strategy or other named asset protection Trust, and that you are looking for professional guidance to fully activate the program to achieve impenetrable asset privacy and asset protection. If you are simply evaluating the level of support available to you after you decide to purchase a Trust program, please take a few minutes to review the course outline to gain a better understanding of the thoroughness with which this strategy has been developed.

This Virtual Coaching tutorial has been methodically designed to systematically help walk you through the steps required to set-up and activate the Trust indenture. It has been broken down into 6 distinct functional areas that must be completed, largely in the suggested order, to fully activate the trust documents.

  • STS Activation - Preparation
  • Banking Setup - Trust 1
  • Banking Setup - LLC / CCPC
  • Third Party Appointments for Trust 1, LLC, and Trust 2
  • IT - Software Set-up for Administering the Trust
  • Miscellaneous Tasks

Each section header indicates the expected time frames required to complete that functional phase. The lectures within each phase explain the why and how of each activation step. To enhance your learning, we utilize a combination of multimedia resources including videos, audios, PDF's, pictures, animated slides, and links to third party websites. Where required, we connect you to a growing list of industry professionals including bankers, lawyers, notaries, registries, investment advisors, etc. to augment what we do with this estate planning mechanism.

As you proceed through each phase and perform each step, the completed lectures act as a built-in checklist so you know where you left off and what you have left to do. When you finish each step, click on the Complete and Continue-> banner at the top margin and the task will be flagged as completed. Once tagged, it cannot be undone, so only check the banner once you have truly completed everything within each step. If you need to leave a step as in process, simply use the navigation menu along the left margin to jump to another task. Not all steps need to performed in order, and sometimes you may be waiting for third party involvement to complete a task; simply move onto another while you are waiting. Once all lectures have been completed, you will know that you have fully activated the trust.

Once again, welcome to the course.

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